Doug is a Himalayan Hatha Yoga teacher at the Bristol Yoga centre

Doug Karson

Yoga Teacher

phone: 0757 283 4433

Yoga is the pursuit of clarity of perspective.

My mother was my first teacher and she has been guiding me from early on in the ways of breath.  I have very old and precious memories of her calming me down with 3 deep breathes into the belly.

In 2012, I met my Guru Yogi Ashokananda.  He taught me how to be compassionate and bequeathed me my yogic name; Dayananda.  It means the bliss of mercy.  Much of my teaching style, tone, and knowledge come directly from his lineage.

With Prana Kriya, Himalayan Hatha, and meditation techniques, I continue the practice of how to be present, past and future.  I have completed 500 specific teacher training hours with Yogi-ji and am a Senior Ashokananda School Teacher.

Yoga is a practice.  Regular and constant.  Like any other practice, the goal is not to become perfect but to have constant improvement.  This sometimes comes in the form of acceptance and recognising our already perfect nature.  My classes are challenging and humorous.  I like to play and laugh and this comes through my teaching.  I hope to see you in the studio and perhaps we can laugh together.

Doug's Himalayan Hatha Yoga Class

Himalayan Hatha Yoga

Himalayan Hatha Yoga is one of the forms of yoga founded and taught by Yogi Ashokananda. It is based on traditional principles of yoga. A strong, yet supportive form of yoga, working through the entire body, cleansing and revitalising through special sequencing with a combination of subtle body exercise. This yoga instils a sense of discipline in the mind and body without stress. With expertise and a caring attitude towards students, HHY provides a supportive environment where you can develop your practice at your own pace, and in a way that is unique to you.


Yoga is the unity of intellect and instinct.  Through feel and sensitivity, this practice looks to enable people to make that connection in a meaningful way.  Drawing from decades of experience, without the constraint of a label, Douglas is allowed to let the spirit guide and teach what is necessary based on that moment and those students.  The styles mix and combine with a range from meditation to sweaty flow.  Come and enjoy and see what is offered.