Yoga Teacher, Amber teaching at Bristol Yoga Centre

Amber Golding

Yoga Teacher

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phone: 07593 393 785

As someone who has been a keen student of yoga since my early teens, I have practiced yoga with a wide range of teachers from Dianne’s Yin yoga classes in the hustle and bustle of Utrecht, NL to Margaret’s Hatha in the rolling hills of Devon, Judith’s grounding practice in the midst of my degree in Southampton to Kate’s reorienting Scaravelli here in booming Bristol. I am fortunate to have come into contact with teachers who have stimulated and supported me on my yoga journey.

I began teaching friends and for charity events in 2015 when I took up the British Wheel of Yoga foundation course with Frances Lewis an influential and wise yogi who holds space for women beautifully. I am now deep into my three year British Wheel of Yoga diploma with Audrey Blow and Lynne Jones which I started in late 2016. I have have been teaching formally since 2017.

I am a lifelong learner and as such am committed to studying, learning and marveling whether that be through stimulating the mind or the brain both of which we can tap into through yoga.

Amber's Hatha Yoga Class

Offering Hatha yoga classes allowing you to bring your awareness inward, tuning in with your body, your breath and your mind. Drawing influence from meditative restorative yoga and threading in some stronger standing postures to really bring the focus into the present moment.

We will work with pranayama – the power of the breath, as I encourage students to tap into their own breath to enable them to feel more deeply into physical postures.

This classes are suitable for everybody and every body as I will encourage you to work at your own pace and progress starting with the foundation of your own capabilities. Whether you are new to yoga, a regular yogi, or have not been to a session in years, this class is open to all. In these classes, you can expect breath work, posture practice and of course, relaxation.


Community Hatha Yoga Class

Thursday 7:30 - 8:45pm

This is a donation based community Hatha Yoga class.