Anna teaching yoga at Bristol Yoga Centre

Anna Loveridge

Yoga Teacher

phone: 07596346608

Anna is a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher and Yoga Teacher Trainer at Akasha Wellness Retreat. Her positive and upbeat personality radiates through her teachings. Having a personal practice for over 14 years, she has matured a unique approach to creatively binding yoga, breath, mindfulness, philosophy, sound and conscious movement. 

Anna’s musical background sets a rhythmic pace for self-discovery and acceptance, whether the class is slower or faster in pace. The teachings encourage students to harness their inner warrior with an open heart, to find comfort within the discomfort, whilst building strength in body and mind.  

After training in India, Anna took to the road for 2 years to share the light of yoga; delving deeper into Mindfulness, Meditation, Buddhism and Thai Massage. Anna is excited to return to the UK and inspire more people through movement. 


Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Anna

Join Anna for an invigorating and uplifting yoga class. The aim of this class isn’t to achieve the perfect pose, but to feel freely into all corners of the body and mat creating a practice that serves on a physical, emotional, and physiological level.

Some days the class will be more fluid in nature, and other times there may be more pauses to build greater strength and resilience, both in body and mind. Each class is attuned to the needs of the students on the day. Students are welcomed to push past their comfort zone, be that taking the practice deeper physically, or recognising when it is time to ease off.

Each human body is unique and we are reminded to honour our individual shapes and boundaries with options and modifications for all levels.

Tuesday 12:30 - 1:30pm

(Starting 3rd September 2019)