Anusara Yoga Teacher Arianna Palin teaching at Bristol Yoga Centre

Arianna Palin

Yoga Teacher


I started practising yoga in 2004 to support my training as a classical pianist. I soon got into Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and by 2007 started a 2 year alignment-based Hatha Yoga teacher training course at Triyoga in London. I started assisting in Ashtanga Mysore classes with my teachers Joey Miles and Eileen Gauthier in 2008, and teaching my own classes by early 2009.

I soon decided to get to the roots of the tradition and spent the best part of 3 years travelling, studying and teaching in India and Southeast Asia. During this time, I completed a further 200-hour training in Anusara Yoga with Bridget Woods Kramer in Bali, studied different forms of Buddhism and meditation, and did an extensive amount of personal sadhana in the form of silent retreats and some volunteering. I also trained in Sound Healing in Kathmandu, and studied Indian Classical singing in Varanasi. 

I have taught on and off since returning to Europe in 2012, until the birth of my daughter in 2015, which inspired me to train in Pre and Postnatal Flow Yoga with Katy Appleton. I am now based in Somerset and divide my time between Glastonbury, Wells & Bristol, where I offers Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow and Pre and Post Natal Yoga, as well as Kirtan and Sound Healing groups in my local communities. I also hold a Jyoti Ayurveda ('Light on Ayurveda' - Nutrition & Lifestyle) from the Sivananda Retreat Centre in Austria, so I can guide and advise on aspects of Ayurvedic Lifestyle, Nutrition and cooking to assist students to integrate yoga more fully and holistically into their lives. 

Arianna's Yoga Class

My classes are slow, strong and uplifting flow classes, drawing on my training in Anusara Yoga ('Anusara' is a form of yoga developed by Iyengar-trained American teacher John Friend and actually means 'flowing with Grace'). You can expect to work hard, breathe deep, and connect to your essence in your practise. This is a flowing Vinyasa form of yoga rooted in positive and uplifting Tantric Philosophy. What this means on the mat is the celebration of life through the vehicles of the body and the breath, so your yoga practise becomes the celebration of who and what you are, and a chance to connect to the beauty deep inside each one of us and wake up every cell through its cosmic dance. 

Mixed levels are welcome - whilst my classes are quite strong, I can adapt to the needs of those in the room. Modifications will be offered to those who need them, and more advanced options available for more advanced practitioners. Classes incorporate a range of asanas (postures), including inversions, as well as pranayama (breath work) and some work on mudra and bandha. You can also expect some partner work and some restorative, and some chanting and sound work. 

Monthly Kirtan Session

Kirtan is a simple yet powerful practice that opens the heart & frees the mind through simple, call & response, chanting. It's power is beyond words. During these gatherings I will share simple chants & spiritual songs, drawn mainly from the Yogic & Buddhist traditions, with other old favourites and maybe a few of my own songs thrown in. First timers need not worry - these sessions will be friendly, informal and simple... there's not even any obligation to sing if you don't feel you want to! 

So come & sing, dance, make some noise....or just come, listen, a non-judgemental sacred sound space. No experience necessary, just openness of heart....

Looking forward to seeing you there, book in advance or just turn up.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Mysore-Style (Guided Self Practise)

During these classes you will practise at a pace that suits you, gradually adding postures to master the Primary / Intermediate Series of Ashtanga Yoga (maybe moving beyond Primary Series when appropriate for you). You will be taught one-to-one within a group setting and will receive hands-on adjustments to help you go deeper in your practise. 

Beginners as well as students already practising Primary / Intermediate Series are welcome.  Beginners need not be intimidated - this is the traditional and most effective way of learning Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and all you need is the motivation to get onto the mat in the morning. The more you come the faster you will progress and the more you will feel the benefits of this daily practise throughout your life. 

Ashtanga Vinyasa Mysore Style

This is not a 2 hour long class!  Please arrive any time between 7 and 8am and beginnners expect to stay at least 40 minutes (in time the length of your practise will extend to 90 mins or more). 

Wednesday 7:00 - 9:15am

Thursday 7:00 - 9:15am

Friday 7:00 - 9:15am

(starting 26th September 2018)

£12 per class or £75 per month for all Mysore classes with Arianna. You can attend as many classes in the month as you like.


Anusara Yoga Class

Sunday 6:00 - 7:15pm

(Starting 2nd September 2018)

Kirtan Session

Sunday 7:30 - 8:30pm

(Starting 2nd September 2018)