Celia Stubbs

Prenatal Pilates/Yoga Teacher

email: cecestubbs@hotmail.com
phone: 07426895115

Celia is a chartered physiotherapist with over 11 years experience and a special interest in women's health.  She undertook postgraduate Pilates training through the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute, and then further training, with the same organisation, in pre and post natal Pilates. Celia is also a registered yoga teacher and undertook pregnancy yoga teacher training at The Yoga Campus in London.

During Celia's pregnancy and after the birth of her child she realised just how beneficial Pilates and yoga are in maintaining a healthy, strong, body and mind.

Celia's Class at BYC

This is a unique pregnancy class in which the positive benefits of both yoga and Pilates are combined to promote health and wellbeing. Women’s health physiotherapists recommend Pilates to help keep the body strong and pain free during pregnancy, and to rehabilitate the body post birth.

Pilates targets the exact muscles and functions that can become problematic during pregnancy and in the postnatal period, in a safe way. Yoga techniques, including breath and movement, aid relaxation and help maintain a healthy mind during this time of change.

Prenatal Pilates and Yoga

During pregnancy hormones, postural changes and the weight of the baby can cause discomforts in the body- particularly the back, pelvis, neck and shoulders. In these classes we work on safe yet effective exercises to strengthen and relieve tension in these areas and to maintain a healthy posture.

We also focus on building strength and control in the pelvic floor muscles to prevent incontinence and prepare for birth.

The classes include breathing techniques to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

If you already have a regular Pilates practice, and don't feel too tired, you can start these classes during your first trimester. If you are new to Pilates it’s probably best to wait until after your first trimester. You can continue these classes right up until the birth of your baby.


Monday (Prenatal Pilates) 17:00 - 18:00pm

Please note that Celia is now on maternity leave and Rowan is covering her class. Please contact Rowan at: rowanowenyoga@gmail.com