Eva Schroeder

Yoga Teacher


I’m a fully qualified Vinyasa Flow / Hatha Yoga teacher and certified Yoga Sports Coach (Yoga Sports Science®), as well as Massage Therapist. I started out teaching full-time in London 6 years ago, before moving my life to Bristol 2 years ago, where I’m now leading dynamic group classes across town, corporate classes, as well as 1:1 private sessions. 

I’ve always been enthusiastic about sports – I love running, squash, cycling, and climbing to name a few – and so my massage therapy and bodywork as well as my studies with Yoga Sports Science were a natural progression to continue my focus on working with athletes. The connection for all sports I believe lies in the importance of creating a strong core and solid foundation to be able to tap into the potential that we all have within to find the power to grow and achieve so much more than we ever thought was possible, both for our sports as well as our lives.

I love designing strong, creative classes for every body, giving modifications to suit all levels. Come and join me for a strong Morning Yoga Flow to wake up, let you monkey mind slow down and relax, stretch back into shape and find your breath whilst diving deep into your core to get ready for a beautiful day ahead.




Tuesdays 7:30 - 8:30am