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Helen Appleby

Yoga Teacher

email: hj_appleby@hotmail.com (email is best)
phone: 07951 571 772
web: www.helenappleby.com

I have a British Wheel of Yoga diploma from Tara Fraser and Wendy Haring. My first encounter with yoga was as a teenager in the Satyananda tradition. I dabbled with many yoga styles as I dabbled with life throughout my twenties, sometimes going away from a regular practice for a while. One of the most powerful aspects about yoga is that you can read all you want about its supposed benefits but it really is experiential, which is the strongest hook. For someone prone to nervous excitability and over thinking, I felt a calm knowingness after a yoga class, without really knowing what that was. I explored this further whilst in a challenging media career, studying a BWY foundation course with Tara Fraser. The seed was growing...

After my intensive Teacher Training with Sivananda, I returned for an 18 month conversion course with the BWY. I have also studied Pregnancy Yoga and recently Calm for Kids yoga training for Children and Teen Yoga. I have a personal interest in the therapeutic benefits of the Viniyoga tradition and look forward to incorporating more yoga philosophy, yoga nidra, mudras and mantra in monthly workshops.

Helen's Classes at BYC

This is an inclusive yoga class primarily in a flowing Hatha yoga style, increasing in intensity to warm up the body whilst pausing in some postures to emphasise body awareness and alignment and to build strength. The breath leads the practice with grounding breaths at the start and pranayama before the relaxation at the end. I want students to feel a palpable difference in their strength and flexibility through working the body and in so connecting with the body, starting to let go of the jumping-monkey-brain mode we are predominantly working in. Through breathing exercises and deep relaxation, we can then work towards opening up some inner space. My class is friendly and open to everyone from beginner to experienced, pregnancy, postnatal and over 60.