Vinyasa Flow teacher Helena

Helena Wakefield

Yoga Teacher

phone: 07765804138

I have always had a love of teaching and yoga. I gained my 200 hour level 1 YTT qualification out in Nusa Lembongan, Bali as a way to spread my knowledge and passion for yoga, and to understand more about its healing nature. I have been trained from a Vinyasa Krama background, which emphasises not only cultivating a flexible, stronger, healthier body, but also the ability to quieten the mind and create a deeper connection to yourself. With this in mind, I combine what they taught me with what I learn from my practice.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga 

I teach in a vinyasa flow yoga style, focusing on pairing breath with movement to improve strength and flexibility whilst creating that deep inner body-mind connection. My practices are aimed to rejuvenate pupils, boosting emotional wellbeing by calming the mind and building body awareness.

I offer detailed instructions with modifications, only were necessary, to uphold a safe, pain-free practice. In my class, what matters is HOW you move, not what shape you move into. 

“If you can breathe, you can do yoga” Krishnamacharya