Jo Batten teaching Pilates at Bristol Yoga Centre

Jo Batten

Pilates Teacher

phone: 07847 893423

Jo came across Pilates whilst doing a Dance Degree at Middlesex University (2000), this combined with an overall love of movement and interest in anatomy led to her doing a matwork teacher training (2002) and then later the equipment teaching training (2008), both accredited with the Pilates Foundation.

Additionally Jo has done a Scaravelli based Yoga teacher training (Morley College, 2005) and also has travelled to Seattle to train in an improvisation dance technique (Skinner Releasing Technique) in which she is a certified teacher (2004).

Jo draws on all the different methods that have inspired her, bringing elements of them into her classes whilst adhering to the key principles of Pilates.

Jo’s Pilates at BYC

Jo’s classes pay particular attention to the details of each exercise, every movement is deliberate and considered to maximise its effectiveness and minimise unnecessary effort and tension. In addition everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace and in a way that best supports them. 

The overall aim of the class is to help improve balance in the body; releasing muscles that tend to overwork (for example the shoulders and lower back) and strengthening the often less used weaker muscles, particularly those that support the joints.

This is an ideal class for anyone who wants a slightly slower pace (with a few challenges thrown in here and there!).