Josie Harrington

Yoga Teacher

phone: 07970889401

I began practising yoga 17 years ago. Initially yoga was a form of exercise and weight loss. This all changed when I went through a particularly difficult stage in my life. This experience sparked a deeper and more meaningful relationship with yoga which has remained with me ever since. Yoga has taught me to connect more deeply with how I am in each moment. I found that as my body became stronger and more flexible, so did my mind!

I completed the BWY foundation in yoga course in 2012, simply to do something for myself that was not work related; I have worked in the NHS for 20 years as a mental health professional.

I went on to study with Christopher Gladwell and Sarah Harlow and completed a 500 hour advanced yoga teacher training, registered with IYN, at Yogasara Academy in Bristol. This course took me so much deeper into my practice and knowledge of yoga. I began to realise that yoga is not just making shapes on mats, it is about having a greater ability to deal with the ups and downs of life. Yoga has helped me to be less stressed, to worry less, to sleep better and to have more energy. Yoga has the potential to help us cope, and increases our sense of happiness and ease.

I qualified as a yoga Nidra teacher in 2015 with Total Yoga Nidra in London. Please see my website for more information about yoga Nidra (sleep yoga!).

In March 2017 I am undertaking a 500 hour yoga therapy for mental health course in London. My dream is to one day combine both of my passions – yoga and mental / emotional wellbeing.

Registered with The Independent Yoga Network.

Josie's Classes at BYC

Modern living is often busy, stressful and pressured; I believe yoga can be a tonic for this and provide a space to connect with a deeper sense of ease and calm. Simply moving breath and body together can release tension and energy, potentially improving mood, sleep, energy levels as well as reducing worry and irritability.

I teach a hatha flow style of yoga using a nourishing and mindful approach. In my classes I use a combination of yoga postures, mindful movement, pranayama (breathing exercise) and relaxation practices. Building strength & flexibility, at the same time supporting emotional & mental wellbeing, whilst avoiding adding more stress and tension into body & mind.

There is an emphasis on slowing down and connecting with the breath. Plenty of time is given to explore postures, connect with the breath and find that important balance of effort and ease. We do not have to work up a sweat and move fast to benefit the body and mind, many of us would benefit from slowing down. Often not a popular view in the West!

I am passionate about making classes accessible for anyone who has an interest in yoga.   This is a relaxed & fun class, suitable for all levels. Being able to touch your toes is not necessary!