Katie Brigstock teaches Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Flow at the Bristol Yoga Centre.

Katie Brigstock

Yoga Teacher

email: katiebrigstock@gmail.com
web: www.katiebrigstock.com

phone: 07896153454

I found yoga during my university days in Edinburgh, as the perfect antidote to cope with stress, anxiety and looming deadlines. The yoga studio became somewhat my second home and after graduating, I went on to certify as a yoga teacher with Zuna Yoga in Bali in 2016. Since then, I’ve been teaching in studios around the UK and recently moved to Bristol, to forge a new home here and explore my yoga career further.

I teach yoga classes suitable for all levels and ages and aim to share my passion for yoga as a way of encouraging people to care for both their body and mind, especially in today’s hectic world and the prevalence of mental illness. My classes focus on harnessing our internal network of energy channels and pathways, building strength, focus and flexibility and working to find a fluid link between breath and movement. My classes have a relaxed feel, are often themed around a core idea or principle and include pranayama (breathing exercises) and elements of meditation. I’m a fully qualified and insured teacher, and regularly attend continual professional development training to expand on my experience.

As well as my time on the mat, I’m also a professionally trained chef and co-run a Supper club, Retreats and Pop-up Events business called Cook & Baker which hosts events in London and further afield - including Bristol!

Katie's Yoga Classes at BYC

Yin Yoga

Restore your body's energetic balance and find a greater sense of calm through Yin Yoga. Yin Yoga classes are designed with specialised poses that are held for longer periods of time,  working your ligaments, joints, bones and deep networks of fascia within the body. Through a Yin practice we aim to balance the active, external and dynamic Yang activities of daily life with a more internal, grounding and calming practice, surrendering to stillness. Yin Yoga helps to improve flexibility, circulation and joint mobility as well as reducing stress and anxiety. Suitable for all levels of experience. 

Energising Vinyasa Flow

Flow through an energising morning yoga practice to prepare the body for the day ahead! Fun, carefully designed sequences of postures and pranayama (breathing exercises) to awaken the body, and refresh from a night’s sleep. Improve your strength, flexibility and balance as well as calming and focusing the mind for a productive day ahead!Suitable for all levels of experience.




Monday 19:30 - 20:30pm

(starting 21st May 2018)

Thursday 7:30 - 8:30am

(starting 3rd May 2018)