Kay Baxter, mindfulness and meditiaton teacher.

Kay Baxter

Meditation Teacher

email: kay_baxter3@outlook.com
phone: 0117 329 3804 / 07815 726918
web: http://www.meditationtomindfulness.co.uk/


I have been engaged in intensive practice and study of meditation, the energy system and related practices for more than 20 years.
Whilst drawing on a variety of traditions, from both East and West, my main influence has been the Teacher and Healer, Hilmar Schohauer, who I was privileged to work with for 20 years. The work I did with Hilmar, through his teachings, and practices with meditation and the energy system changed my life in the best possible ways.

I have over the years come to appreciate more and more the value of meditation and energy work as tremendous tools for personal healing, growth and development. My exploration of consciousness through meditation and the energy body is ongoing using and developing the practices I now teach widely.

I have been leading meditation groups and working with individuals since 1994. I am also a BWY trained yoga teacher and have been teaching yoga for more than 18 years.

Kay's Classes at BYC

My Meditation classes offer an opportunity to receive and experience guided meditation, and to learn simple practices you can take into your life to support and nourish yourself towards greater stillness, peace and harmony. Some simple stretching/body work is also included in the class.

The practices help us to connect with ourselves in deeper and more meaningful ways and towards greater ease of being and inner stillness. Through a process of getting to know oneself through the practices, awareness, sensitivity and understanding of oneself and the human condition is developed.
Commitment and practice can begin a process of shedding restrictive states that get in the way of who we really are and of our potential to express in the world.