Sookhi teaching at Bristol Yoga Centre

Leonora Zotti

Yoga Teacher

phone: 07480 955780

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My Yoga practice began in my teens when, despite not having been particularly good at any sort of physical activity at school nor feeling very comfortable in my own skin, I began following my mum to Yoga classes. I loved the way it made me feel and experienced a whole range of unexpected benefits that prompted me to begin a Yoga journey, which currently spans over 30 years.

Over the years I've continued to explore and train in various styles of Yoga as well as other mindful movement practices. I am trained to teach various styles of Yoga, as well as Pilates, Garuda, Gyrokinesis, Body Flying (aerial yoga), Birthlight Perinatal Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Kong, and am currently training to teach the Alexander Technique.

I began teaching 20 years ago and have taught in many different contexts including: group classes, corporate Yoga, festivals, retreats, workshops, one to one, as well as mentoring and teaching on 200 hour recognised teacher training courses.

Leonora's Yoga Class 

A secular approach to Yoga in which shape, form, movement, breath, effort, relationship, gravity, levity etc become tools for inner listening, not something to achieve or get right or wrong.

This class explores conscious, sustainable movement to build strength and awareness. Unhurried breath to centre and ground. An open level class suitable for anyone that likes to move and has some knowledge of yoga, whether it be basic or advanced.

My teaching style is deeply influenced by the other mindful movement practices I have studied and has a strong focus on embodied awareness and personal inquiry.

Sustainable Flow - Creating a strong, stable practice

Tailored Yoga for Stability and Strength. This class is open to all, but is especially designed for the hypermobile, the super bendy and the injured who wish to create or maintain a longevous, sustainable Yoga practice.

As a recovering hypermobile myself, during my 32 year personal practise, I've learnt (the hard way) how to adapt and create a more supportive way of doing Yoga, which incidentally has made me a lot stronger! As a teacher, over the years I've seen and continue to see many people (especially women and fellow Yoga teachers) drawn to Yoga precisely because of their hyper mobility, unaware that a certain way of moving is not only unsustainable but could lead to long term joint instability and/or injury. The idea conveyed in the media that Yoga is about stretching and flexibility has done nothing to help clarify the situation. Stretching feels good, and I'm not saying that one shouldn't (in fact there will be plenty of it in the class), nor do I wish to demonise flexibility or hypermobility. But we can turn this situation to our advantage, becoming stronger, more aware, and increasing our movement repertoire and choices. In this way our Yoga can accompany us throughout our whole lives.

Using slow, strong, conscious flow, with attention to detail, this class aims to develop stability and strength, to clarify and improve healthy ranges of motion and joint stability through proprioception, increased movement repertoire and choice through new and different ways of moving, as well including movements to favour the circulation of Synovial fluid to keep joints supple. This could be a stand alone practice or support your current practice, whatever style that may be.

Sustainable Flow Yoga Class

Monday 19:30 - 20:45pm

YOGAWISE- Tailor made Yoga for the over somethings...

Are you in your 50s, 60s or 70s (...or for that matter any age) and would like to exercise but can’t quite find what you’re looking for?  Maybe the sweaty dynamic classes are just a little sweaty. And the gentle Yoga just a little too gentle. You don't want to do Yoga on a chair, but neither do you wish to do Yoga designed for twenty somethings.

This new, focussed and functional class is specifically designed with you in mind.

A carefully crafted blend of Yoga, Pilates and awareness practices that focuses on creating a sustainable and longevous movement practice, building deep postural strength, increasing bone density (did you know osteopenia/osteoporosis affects men too?), strengthening active range of motion, improving balance, coordination & proprioception skills as well as mental wellbeing. All that skills can improve your Yoga but can also help your game, your run and your cycle too. Suitable for all.


Yoga Wise Class

Tuesday 12:30 - 1:30pm