Pauline Hambelton-Hopf

Yoga teacher

phone: 07778 952662

Pauline originally trained as a classical ballet dancer. She performed in ballets and musical theatre in London, Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Salzburg.

After having children, she became a leading ballet and yoga teacher in Germany, acquiring experience teaching all levels from professional and vocational to adult beginners, the elderly and children.

She relocated to the UK in September 2013, and currently teaches Hatha( gentle and dynamic) yoga in the Bristol area.

She also organises and runs yoga retreats, holidays and workshops in the UK, Germany and Spain.

Pauline's Class at BYC

Traditional style, authentic hatha yoga sessions which are energizing, fun, refreshing and relaxing.

Improve posture, breath awareness, strengthen, tone and detoxify the body. Focus and calm the mind, thus reducing stress.

A typical class will include asana (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), hands-on adjustments & guided relaxation.