Sookhi teaching at Bristol Yoga Centre

Shuna Griffin

Yoga Teacher

phone: 07463 964 119
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I came to yoga initially as a way to reduce stress and to recover a sense of autonomy following a separation.  Realising the positive effect yoga was having across all aspects of my life, I decided to train in order to deepen my personal practice but also to share the teachings with others. I  completed my 200 hour yoga alliance accredited teacher training with Dylan Ayaloo in London, specialising in a strengthening vinyasa form and have subsequently completed further CPD trainings in Forrest Yoga and Mindfulness based meditation techniques.  

I teach a range of vinyasa, hatha and yin forms of yoga. My style of teaching is clear, accessible and entirely focused on creating a safe practice space where you can immerse yourself into your body.  All classes offer a balance of strength, flexibility, energetics and deep relaxation to quiet your mind. Modifications are offered throughout the sequences and students are encouraged to develop curiosity about what feels good for their body. Everyone is welcome.


Vinyasa Flow 

This class is based on faster flowing energetic movements in time with the breath (pranayama). Each class builds strength, flexibility and awareness throughout the entire body. The flowing nature of the class allows your mind to completely focus and relax through finding your rhythm in the practice. We end each class with time to rest, allowing you to absorb and feel the benefit of your practice. Beginners are welcome and modifications to postures are given to ensure the class is approachable for everyone.

Wednesday 7:45-8:45am

Thursday 4:45 - 5:45pm

Hatha Flow

Shuna’s Hatha Flow classes are dynamic and fun, while allowing time for detailed instructions to ensure good alignment. Flow classes are a strong, physical practice and all levels are welcome, and modifications will be offered to provide a safe and enjoyable practice for all students.

Saturday 10:00 - 11:00 am *New*