Sookhi teaching at Bristol Yoga Centre

Sookhi Tuite

Yoga Teacher

phone: 07784956105

Sookhi has practiced Yoga for more than 15 years, having spent 3 years in India studying the in-depths of Yoga and Spirituality. As well as completing a year long diploma on ‘The Education of Yoga" at the renowned school Kaivalydhama near Pune.

Sookhi has a passion for Yoga and aliveness. She aims to empower each
student to invoke the dramatic shift that she has experienced since she
commenced on the path of Yoga, and to share her love of the wonderful

She is a passionate, inspiring, highly skilled teacher who has a strong
commitment to her students. She is dedicated to uplifting her students;
cultivating not only a stronger and more flexible body, but mind and spirit
also. Her in depth knowledge shines in her lessons as all instructions are
clear and precise, keeping one physically safe and preventing any injury.
Her presence is peaceful and compassionate giving an additional calming

Sookhi's Energise Yoga Class 

Sookhi’s class will let the true energy within you shine out. Come to her class if you’d like to raise your energy levels, feel more vibrant, and be more in tune with your inner body.  At the same time improve your posture, confidence and flow in life.

Her class is suitable for everyone, and combines all different postures for flexibility, building the inner fire, and strengthening the whole body. Her way is soft and gentle, always mixing breath work, meditation and asanas in all her classes... Leaving you nothing but ready to bounce in the playground of life.


Energise Yoga 

Thursday 19:30 - 20:45pm

(Starting 7th September 2017)