Vinyasa Flow Yoga at Bristol Yoga Centre with Tash

Tash Neely

Yoga Teacher

phone: 07979041767

I began practising yoga as a student in 2010, initially to improve my physical health. Later, after a break of several years, I found solace in yoga while training with Teach First to become a Geography teacher. Yoga quietened and calmed my busy mind at this challenging time in ways that saved my career; I had better relationships with my students and with myself.

My journey with yoga has since evolved physically, mentally and spiritually. The power of yoga comes from the individual journey each individual takes; there is no right or wrong way to do it, and every practice will look different. I teach from a space that emphasises inclusion, regardless of age or experience.

Teacher Training

In 2017, I stepped away from the classroom and completed my teacher training at Sampoorna Yoga, India. I received a 200-hour teacher qualification in Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow. My teachers were patient, intuitive and open; their style informs my teaching today.  I have also completed a module with Calm for Kids in teaching yoga to teenagers, and continue to bring yoga to young people in Bristol.

I have a strong interest in the therapeutic aspect of yoga, and believe it is much more than asana. I seek to incorporate philosophy, pranayama and mudras into classes and workshops. My journey hasn’t stopped there – I am committed to continual learning as I continue to be a student of yoga myself.

Yin & Yang Yoga Class at BYC

This class interweaves the clarifying energy of yang to the rejuvenating qualities of yin. The combination of passive (yin) and vigorous (yang) yoga practices, is rooted in the idea that, in order to create balance in your overall practice, it is necessary to alternately exert and quiet yourself. We will begin by moving through strong dynamic postures, and end with a deeply immersive yin practice, where postures are held for longer periods. 

This class is intelligently designed to leave you feeling calm, grounded and centred, having a powerful effect on your energy systems building stability and mobility through asanapranayama and deep relaxation.  Each week we will focus on a theme varying from joints and body parts to working through chakras.   

Everybody is welcome to my classes, and I cater for all levels through modifications and intelligent use of props. 

Community Yin Yoga Class

Yin is the passive, cooler, reflective and relaxed. The yin way is a gentle and surprisingly powerful method to invoke change in both body and mind. This class offers a unique way of practicing that seeks to embrace stillness and relaxation. Rather than moving dynamically, postures are mostly rooted in the ground, removing all physical effort for the student. The removal of effort allows us to unpin our connective tissue (fascia) that holds our body in place and defines our physical shape. 

Here, we seek to work with connective tissue and meridian lines, generating flexibility, balance and healthy joints. In stillness, the student can also access their emotional ‘warehouse’ and embrace life’s challenges in a healthy way, using meditation to bring inner stillness and awareness. This type of yoga is often utilised in Yoga Therapy: expect slow nurturing movement, meditation and deep relaxation.

Yin yoga is accessible to all ages, body types and levels of experience, and I try to cater to the needs of the student.



Yin & Yang Yoga Class

Sunday 5:00 - 6:15pm

Community Yin Yoga Class

Sunday 6:30 - 7:30pm

This is a donation based community yin yoga class and you can pay what you can afford. Suggested donation price is £5 but no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.