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Virgine Noel

Yoga Teacher

phone: 07550 331171

I have been practicing yoga since 2002. I started practicing yoga as a way to improve my health, but it quickly developed into a deeper, life-changing practice. In 2006, I traveled to India and studied Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore and undertook my Teacher Training with Nicky Knoff in New Zealand. Nicki's style still informs my teaching: the dynamic flow and the smart sequencing of progressively deeper poses of Ashtanga Yoga complements the precise alignment of Iyengar Yoga to create a rounded, holistic practice that is strengthening, nourishing and grounding.

In the years that followed, I studied with a number of local and international teachers in the UK, Germany, Cambodia, Thailand and Bali, training in Ashtanga, Hatha, and Anusara yoga, as well as Meditation (in the Buddhist and Balinese Hindu traditions). In 2015, I trained in Embodied Flow™ Yoga with Tara Judelle.

My classes offer a continuously evolving, personalized blend of different yoga styles, firmly rooted in Hatha Yoga and life-embracing Tantric philosophy. Having trained in psychology, I am particularly interested in the psychology of yoga and how we can use this ancient practice in our daily lives to increase our wellbeing and happiness. I am a Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher (500RYT).

Hatha Flow

My Hatha Flow classes are dynamic and fun, while allowing time for detailed instructions to ensure good alignment. Flow classes are a strong, physical practice and all levels are welcome, and modifications will be offered to provide a safe and enjoyable practice for all students. I aim to challenge students at their appropriate level and I will offer gentler alternatives to more challenging postures.

During my classes, you can expect to work up a sweat and increase your strength and flexibility while developing greater awareness of your body, as well as experiencing deep relaxation and renewed vitality.

Following in the tradition of classic Hatha Yoga, my classes incorporate yoga poses to strengthen and balance the body, breathing techniques, meditation, and relaxation to help let go of stress.

I mainly teach and practice Hatha yoga with a flow element, incorporating the dynamism of Ashtanga Yoga with great attention to alignment in order to align the body and develop strength and flexibility.