Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs

12 Week Course with Sara-Jo

Starting on: TBC

What can I expect?

Confidence in your own ability to manage back ache or back pain learnt on this Clinically trialled course which teaches you to teach yourself good movement and posture enabling you with a yoga toolkit to look after yourself for the rest of your life. Its an investment in yourself!
Learning simple yet effective movement using self observation working with your discomfort, dis-ease with the use of a Book, CD and props as required.
Sara-Jo has many years of experience and teaches the 12 week course according to the Institutes requirements, be prepared for gentle effective movement, weekly worksheets complete relaxation and a brighter outlook. Learning movements which you can incorporate into your daily life as you progress through the course.
The classes run with 2-3 weeks off during the course, you get a Specific Dates Course Sheet to enable you to plan ahead, however don’t worry if you miss a class as you can take that class (however many, life happens!) free on a subsequent course, so you never lose out.
The culmination of back health and deep relaxation has a profound affect on our ability to enjoy life, it doesn't matter your size or fitness level this is about looking after yourselves, letting it then feed into your lives and welcoming a more comfortable body and mind.
Whatever your profession, student or retired you are worth it, invest in yourselves.


‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ programme, proven effective for chronic low back pain by The University of York (Department of Health Sciences) research.

Who is it for?

Yoga is for everyone, regardless of age, gender, size, long as you can get up and down to a mat (stools provided), whatever your occupation or past time we all need a healthy back to keep us going and enjoying life

 British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course Students taught in Bristol by Naomi Hayama

How will it help me?

Yoga courses, classes and deep meditative relaxation welcoming us in to help us restore our minds and bodies to a place where we can be comfortable and happy. We are worth it!
We all age and our bodies change keep practicing yoga techniques to keep bringing ourselves back into balance in body and mind.
Having learnt a Yoga technique this can help you to feel more confident when participating in a more active class or hobby, or simply become a routine at home when you need respite rather than reaching for pain killers.



This includes £70 registration fee and Yoga Toolkit comprising: Yoga For Healthy Lower Back book, CD, Worksheets Pack,Weekly handouts, Mat, Block and Belt (if you have these already please let Sara-Jo know and reduction in registration fee may be possible).

Fees are payable in instalments:

  • First Payment (registration fee): £80
  • Second Payment is due on the day of the first class : £72.00
  • Third payment is payable on 6th class: £72.00



How to Apply

Please contact Sara-Jo directly on to apply.

Terms & Conditions

Fees and deposits are non refundable.