Kate at the Bristol Yoga Centre

Kate D’Arcy

Yoga Teacher

email: lemmie9.kd@gmail.com
phone: 07791 200984
web: https://lemmie9.wixsite.com/kalm

I have an extensive background in working with people and communities.  I find great joy in connecting with people and teaching yoga.

I am a fully qualified Yoga teacher and trained with the British Wheel of Yoga.

I personally enjoy a daily Ashtanga practice, as a moving form of meditation which combines the body, the mind and the breath. Yoga is central to my life and wellbeing.

Yoga offers me a safe space to explore obstacles and challenges in my daily life. My teaching aims to do the same - offer a safe space for student to practice asanas, breathing and pranayama to still the mind for individual freedom and release. I am qualified to teach Ashtanga Mysore and led classes as well as alternative types of Yoga including: Hatha Yoga, Flow, Restorative and many more...

I make sure that my classes are inclusive and accessible to all. I look forward to welcoming you to my class.

Kate’s Yoga Course at BYC

Yoga Basics

This 5 week block of classes will focus on the basic principles of Patanjali’s 8 fold path of yoga (called Ashtanga – ‘eight limbs’) which offers fantastic guidelines for a meaningful and purposeful life. The class will cover the main benefits of yoga: posture, breath and moral values and ensure you feel confident in any Yoga class. You will learn how Yoga can reduce your stress and increase wellbeing and strength.

All of our classes at Bristol Yoga Centre are suitable for complete beginners. All our teachers are highly experienced and amongst the best trained in Bristol, they are very comfortable accommodating new students. However if you’re not sure where to begin, or want a little refresh then our new specialist class is ideal for you !

Saturday 18:00 - 19:15pm

(Starting 14th September until 12th October)

Class costs: £12 drop-in (£11 concessions) or you can pay for a 5 week term: £45 (£40 concessions).