General Overview

Yoga is an ancient system of philosophy that originated in India five thousand years ago. The Sanskrit word for yoga is often translated as ‘union’ between mind, body and spirit.

The holistic approach helps to bring the mind and body into perfect balance and facilitate greater awareness of one self. With regular practice, the body and mind will become stronger and more flexible. You'll notice a greater ease and calm within yourself and find that you can remain steady and focused, enabling you to overcome life’s challenges. In turn this will allow you to be more optimistic, happy and content.

Yoga can be practiced by everyone regardless of age and ability, as the practice can be adapted to suit individuals.

Benefits of practicing yoga:

  • Greater fitness & wellbeing
  • Balance & flexibility
  • Detox & cleansing
  • Grounding & stability
  • Focus & clarity
  • Positive & optimistic outlook
  • Sense of calm & relaxation
  • Greater awareness
  • Tone & strengthening
  • Rejuvenation
  • Aid and prevent injury and illnesses
  • Assist body to be in an ideal weight
  • Better posture & alignment
  • Combating depression

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There are many different reasons why people choose to do yoga and I believe they are just as valid as each other. I’ve asked some of my students to describe what Yoga means to them:

“I have been surfing for over 20 years, while strength and stamina are an important part of the sport, Yoga offers poise and flexibility and helps me to limit the risk of injury. It also provides a welcome opportunity to find personal solitude in a busy work life schedule.”

Adrian Shippey BSc MRICS,  Chartered Surveyor

“After I had problems with my hips I felt that it would be the ideal way to become fitter and more supple. Yoga has helped me to learn more about how my hip problems developed and how I can help myself. As I'm not at all 'sporty' I like the fact that I can practice yoga by myself. I also like the way that I can use what I have learned to help deal with the more stressful aspects of life. ”

Emma Roberts, NHS Nurse