No more yoga at St. Michael's Church in Bristol

I have now moved on from St Michael's church and am very happy with my lovely new yoga studio Bristol Yoga Centre. I would like to thank everyone: students, members of the public, many Christians and friends who spoke out on my behalf, signed the petition and tried to persuade St Michael's church to overturn their decision. Below is the original post from my blog for reference.


Originaly posted on on 16 March 2015

Please help the campaign to keep Yoga in church halls, by signing my online petition

St Michaels Church on Gloucester Road in Bristol have decided to ban Yoga classes because they believe that yoga is not compatible with Christian faith.

My classes have been running for almost 9 years and this decision was made without prior consultation or coming to see the class

We are calling on them to show tolerance and understanding by continuing to allow this harmless class, which provides great health benefits to the local community.

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