Katie Brigstock teaches Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Flow at the Bristol Yoga Centre.

Vicky Andreeva

Yoga Teacher

email: victoria.andreeva665@gmail.com
Phone: 079 266 737 69

My personal practice is rooted Krama Vinyasa Tantra tradition (Kramic technique is also known as step-by step approach to the lifelong journey of yoga). I see Yoga as  an opportunity to yoke, an invitation for continuous personal enquiry to the very essence of who I am. Stepping onto the mat for me is stepping into a new adventure everyday as our bodies and minds are different on a daily basis.

Yoga has brought balance and grounding in my life, both mentally and physically. It has taught me acceptance of past and present circumstances and resilience to new arising life challenges. I believe the practice has something to offer to every individual in terms of personal growth.

I have completed 200 hours yoga teacher training course and I’m due to complete a 500 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training registered with IYN at Yogasara Academy, Bristol. The course took me much deeper into my practice and understanding of yoga metaphysics. It has provided me with the opportunity to explore two of my main passions in life- learning and movement, in an integrated way.

Vicky's Community Yoga Classes at BYC

This is a donation based Community Krama Vinyasa Tantra class open to all levels of practice (Kramic technique is also known as step-by step approach ). No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. In this class students will be encouraged to explore and gradually expand their edges in a integrated and fun manner working with asana, pranayama and relaxation techniques.  



Krama Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class

Saturday 11:30 am - 12:45pm 

Starting 29th September 2018